Welcome Back to Unity Bay Area Houston!
We are in alignment with the guidelines required by Church Mutual Insurance, the CDC and protocols from the State of Texas for reopening Houses of Worship:
  • Proper Sanitizing of our spaces before and after each gathering.
  • Face Masks
  • Temperature Takers
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Attendee Sign In
  • Seating Reservations
Currently, we are allotting space capacity with 6 feet of Sacred Spacing in the Sanctuary as follows:
  • 33 Congregant Spaces
  • 2 First time guest walk in
  • 1 Minister
  • 1 Platform Assistant
  • 3 Music Team
  • 5 A/V and LivestreamTeams
We are working on a system to allow as many people to gather as possible, that have that desire. 

We honor your inner guides as you decide what is best for you and our community. 
If you have any health concerns, like the sniffles, we also trust that you will stay home.

Live-stream Services on Facebook and YouTube will continue.
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